Fast&Few Full Colour NCR Sets


Sizes 5.5 "x 8.5", 8.5 "x 7", 8.5 "x 11" and 8.5 "x 14" are standard sizes for this type of product. Basic, it is offered as a side color printing (4/0), laid down 50-sheet tray.

Size form affiare

Full Bleed Size (starting document size)

5.75 "x 8.75", 8.75 "x 7.25", 8.75 "x 11.25" and 8.75 "x 14.25"

* For best artwork should have the dimensions of the document with full bleeds.

Document Trim Size (final size after being cut)

5.5 "x 8.5", 8.5 "x 7", 8.5 "x 11" and 8.5 "x 14"

* Please be sure to keep all text within the safe margin.


300 DPI


You can choose two-sided printing. The single-sided means your affiares forms will be printed on one side only CMYK colors..

Quality of paper

Base, it is offered printing on NCR paper.